About Us

This website exists to provide accurate, biblical information about God’s plan for redeeming His people through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus the Christ.

In order to do this accurately we depend on the written, revealed, inerrant Word of God (the Bible) and the Holy Spirit to guide us in truth.

We strive to communicate what the Bible says about the subject, and not just what we think. Every point we make must be based on and supported by Scripture in order to be valid.

When studying Scripture, one must keep in mind that “context rules.” Too often students of the Bible take verses out of context, leading them to make erroneous conclusions about the meaning. This is inappropriate and is detrimental to understanding truth as God revealed it.

Our goal is to keep the context in proper perspective when determining the meaning of a passage. Of course, using other passages of Scripture to assist in our understanding is vital.

This website will undoubtedly grow over time. The topics available to be explored are infinite. We are only limited by our time on this earth and the ability to think, write, and post, God willing.

Our desire is that you, the reader, will gain an understanding of why Jesus had to die and what it has to do with you. Your life depends on it.

Blessings, Marc