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The Question

Holy Bible“Why did Jesus have to die?” On the surface, this seems to be a straightforward and rather simple question to answer, especially for a studied Christian. Simply put, you could respond with, “Jesus died for my sins.”

Upon closer examination, this simplistic response does not come close to addressing the depths of the question, particularly from the perspective of a person who knows little, or perhaps nothing at all, about Jesus.

In addition, many people believe Jesus did not die; they believe God took him directly into heaven and he did not experience death. What if they are wrong? What are the implications?

Why does this question matter?

Years ago, during one of my undergraduate classes, a professor made an unexpected and challenging statement. He said, “When Jesus was praying in the garden before his crucifixion, God could have decided at that moment to send a spaceship down from heaven and announce to the world, ‘Anyone who wants to go to heaven just get in. I am not going to allow Jesus to die.’”

He continued, “We put God in a box when we think he has to do something. He did not have to allow Jesus to be crucified. He could have provided forgiveness for sins any way He wanted, even by just declaring you forgiven.” Is it true what he said? Could God just ignore our sins and allow our sins to have no consequences?

If this professor is correct, Jesus’ death was both unnecessary and avoidable, making it even more of a tragedy than it is already. The professor’s statements, together with the skeptics, raise many questions. For example:

  • What did the death of Jesus accomplish? In other words, what was the purpose?
  • Did Jesus really die a physical death? Is there evidence?
  • Was Jesus’ death necessary? Did he have to die? Why?
  • Who killed Jesus?
  • Was Jesus resurrected from the dead? Is there evidence?
  • What did the resurrection accomplish?
  • What does his death and resurrection have to do with me, or anyone, for that matter?

Our desire is to know the truth. All truth is God’s truth. It can be found in many places; however, God has provided us with His record, the Bible. The most important thing we can do in pursuit of truth is to consult the Biblical record. What does the revealed Word of God have to say?

We will look to the Bible to see what it has to say about Jesus, his life, his death, and his resurrection from the dead. The answers to these and many of life’s questions are contained in this divinely inspired book preserved over the centuries.

Look with me as we discover God’s message for mankind as presented in the Bible.

Who Are You?

You may be a long-time Christian but never contemplated the deeper meanings beyond, “Jesus died for my sins.”

Perhaps you are a person with very little knowledge of Jesus. You heard the name “Jesus,” and you know Christians “revere” him, but you do not know anything more than what a friend or co-worker may have told you.

If you are a Christian or possibly someone interested in learning about Jesus for the first time, I believe this website could be helpful to you.

Since you are reading this, I gather you are at least somewhat interested in knowing why Jesus had to die. In addition, you may be wondering, “What does Jesus’ death have to do with me; that happened more than 2,000 years ago?”

You are not alone. Over the years, I have spoken with many people who do not know the answers to these questions. Fortunately, God has given us the answers in the Bible.

The Site

As you read, you may find that you have more questions. For example, while reading about the crucifixion of Jesus you may wonder if the Old Testament has anything to say about it. This is a legitimate question.

If an article exists addressing the topic, a link will be available for you to click on for further information. If a current article is not available, I plan to provide a satisfactory answer in a future entry.

If you have questions that are not dealt with in current posts, please feel free to write to me with your questions. I will do my best to answer your questions.